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Pattern Name: Tulip Quilt

Age: 1880s

Quilting: utility stitching with fussy quilting in the sashes - hand pieced and hand-quilted

Material: BEAUTIFUL dyed cotton quilt - early cheddar and fugitive indigo dyed flowers

Measurements: 78x88


Heritage: This quilt was found in Tennessee and is such a wonderful example of early quilting and piecing with little clues throughout that suggest the age of the quilt. This remarkable quilt is unique for so many reasons. First, the quality of the backing on the blocks is exquisite- the piecing was done beautifully. Furthermore, the fading of the early indigo to a lovely grey is a testament to the durability of natural dyes and the vibrancy of the yellow is a testament to the durability of using chromium mordants! The cheddar alone is enough to make this quilt really sing, but the entire composition of the quilt with its wonderful fading is simply fantastic!


Condition: Overall the piece is in great condition for its age. The top shows a few small stains and a few little seam pops - but nothing major to note at all. The back shows a few areas of light staining, but it has not moved through to the front of the quilt. Overall, the quilt is strong, sturdy and really a stunner of a piece. This would not be a quilt to wash, but to leave outside in the sun (under a clean white sheet) for a few warm, sunny days. This is the traditional cleaning method for these types of quilts and would be appropriate here.

1880s Tulip Quilt

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