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Pattern Name: Crosses and Star

Age: 1900s - 1920s

Quilting: hand pieced and hand quilted 

Material: home dyed cottons in blue, cinnamon red, and beige with some flour sack prints, beige canvas backing 

Measurements: 66x64


Heritage: This quilt was found in Tennessee and is really wonderful despite it's condition.  I have never had this pattern befoe and from what I can see - its sought after by colelctors.  The combination of colors couped with the sashes is treally stricking.  There is an off-white cotton binding that was likely added ladder.  All hand piece and hand quilted.  It's not in the best condition, but it is a really wonderful quilt regardless!  A great addition to any collection! 


Condition: Overall the piece is in barn-quality condition.  There is a lot of wear to the fabrics on top with some of the blocks being completely frayed away.  There is obvious staining throughout the piece.  The colors are still quite vibrant and really what makes the piece.  There is a lot of life left and it would be a wonderful display piece.  Surprisingly there are no holes in the quilt! Everything is really holding up well, all things considered.  This would not be a quilt to wash, but to leave outside in the sun (under a clean white sheet) for a few warm, sunny days.  This is the traditional cleaning method for these types of quilts and would be appropriate here.  

1900s-1920s Crosses and Star

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