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Pattern Name: A Diamond Filled

Age: 1870s-1880s

Quilting: utility quilting; hand pieced and hand quiled

Material: plant dyed madder brown, indigo blue and CHEDDAR

Measurements: 84x64


Heritage: This quilt was found in Alabama and is such a great example of this era of Alabama quilts.  The large and really unique pattern, the BOLD dye combinations are typical of this period in the state's history.  The quilt is also a fantastic example of dye history.  Due to the mordants used, these dyes were typically fugitive and you can see evidence of the cheddar fading to a yellow and the indigo fading into green.  It's an excellent piece to study or display.  The blue is really a remarkable blue and works together to create a visually stunning quilt.


Condition: Overall the piece is in fair condition for its age.  There is evidence of fugitive dyes and fade.  There are a few scattered holes throughout and the fabric is wearing in places.  Most notably, the wear is at the edges where it would have been tucked into a bed frame.  It is all just evidence that this beautiful quilt was cherished and USED!  The quilt is still remarkably strong, and deserves a place of honor.  This would not be a quilt to wash, but to leave outside in the sun (upside down or under a clean white sheet) for a few warm, sunny days.  This is the traditional cleaning method for these types of quilts and would be appropriate here.  Don't leave it uncovered in the sun!  The dyes could fade considerably!

A Diamond Filled

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