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Pattern Name: A Drunkard’s Path

Age: 1880s - 1900

Quilting: Self Quilted

Material: red cotton calico and feedsack

Measurements: 72"x72"

Heritage: This quilt was found in Alabama. This quilt could realistically quality as a cutter, there are several holes and weaknesses in the fabric. There is shredding at the sides, as well.  However, something about it cries to be kept as a quilt.  Red and white quilts are unique in that they are found mostly between the years of 1875 and 1925 when they fell out of popularity.  This one in particular shows the beautiful white streaked fade characteristic of authentic Turkey Red.  


Condition: This quilt has some wear, shredding and holes throughout, but is still in remarkable condition and so bold that it needs to have a place of prominence.

A Drunkard’s Path

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