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Pattern Name: A Striking Pattern

Age: 1930s - 1940s

Quilting:  machine and hand pieced and hand utility quilted in fan pattern

Material: multi-color plain and printed cotton calicos, flour sack fabrics, and bark cloth

Measurements: 81"x70"


Heritage: This quilt was found in Tennessee.  This is one of my favorite patterns and combinations of colors to date!  The pattern name is absolutely correct because this is a STRIKING quilt.  A take on the sunflower pattern, this quilt is hand pieced with beautiful flour sack fabrics and printed cottons with a thicker woven interior circle.  The wheel sits inside a larger black square with VIBRANT yellow and black sash and blocks.  It is quilted in an Elbow or "Baptist Fan" pattern with white quilting thread.  The backing is plain cotton muslin.  Altogether this is one of the most vibrant and exceptional quilts I have ever seen.  It is simply fantastical!  It is in wonderful shape and would be a good candidate to use or display.  


Condition: Overall the piece is in remarkable condition.  The colors are fast and there is no fading and the fabrics are strong and sure.  There is one spot with a storage stain at the bottom edge, but sunning this quilt would be a good option.  There is also one spot where there was an early mend, but overall it is quite evident that this quilt was cherised and exception care was taken to keep it in good order.  With proper care, it will last many more years.  I would not recommend washing this quilt in water.  A simple sunning (laying the quilt upside down in the sun) would be the best option.  

A Striking Pattern

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