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Pattern Name: Blind Granny’s Gray

Age: 1916 (signed by a "Linda" in 1928)

Quilting: self-quilting

Material: red, white, and blue-gray cotton with homespun plaid cotton backing

Measurements: 76”x60”


Heritage: This quilt was found in Tennesse.  The quilt came with a card that reads "This was made about 1916 by Rebecca Allen.  It was given to Georgia in 1928 when she was 12 years old." Georgia, obviously signed the quilt as well, you can see her initials "G.D.A." underneath the signature of "Linda 1928".  It is unclear who Linda was in the story, perhaps another family member, but the quilt also includes the initials "G.D.A." which obviously belongs to the Georgia that recieved the quilt in 1928.  Perhaps it was Linda who gave the quilt that Rebecca Allen made to Georgia.  We will never know for sure.


This is a wonderful example of a shifting quilt tradition.  This is characteristic of turn-of-the-century quilts.  The use of plaid homespun backing, and the type of quilting suggests it was from a working class family rather than a family with more space, time, and means to choose trendier quilting options.  It features a beautiful blue grey with red and white cotton and the back is pristine.  It is truly a striking quilt and the cards and signatures add to its wonder.


Condition: Overall the piece is in excellent condition, strong and no dry rot. There are no tears, rips or holes.  There are a very few storage stains that could not be removed in the cleaning process, but they are faint. For further cleaning, I would recommend an air clean in the shade. This is not a quilt you would want to sun due to the vibrancy of the colors on the front and back.

Blind Granny’s Gray

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