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Choose your own Quilt Coat! 


The Process

1. Choose the style of jacket you want.

2. Choose the size you want.

3. Choose the length you want.

4. Next, I will get to work and make your coat! Shipping times will vary, but generally, your coat will return to you within 6 weeks of purchase.


NOTE: I recommend looking in the Coat Vault to see different coat styles. I also recommend looking at customer pictures on Instagram (@potters.daughter - see the highlight bubble "YOU") to get a sense of what the coats look like on different people.



- the links below take you to specific listings of each coat style to give you a sense of what your coat would look like





Bust: 52

Length: 25 (short) - 36 (duster)

Sleeve: 16

US Equivalent: 4, 6, 8



Bust: 58

Length: 25.5 (short) - 36.5 (duster)

Sleeve: 17

US Equivalent: 8, 10, 12



Bust: 64

Length: 26 (short) - 37 (duster)

Sleeve: 18

US Equivalent: 12, 14, 16


Extra Large

Bust: 68

Length: 28 (short) - 38 (duster)

Sleeve: 18

US Equivalent: 16, 18, 20





bust: 42

length: 19 (regular) - 36 (duster)

sleeve: 24

shoulder to shoulder: 16.5



bust: 46

length: 20 (regular) - 37 (duster)

sleeve: 24.5

shoulder to shoulder: 17



bust: 48

length: 20 (regular) - 38 (duster)

sleeve: 25

shoulder to shoulder: 17.5



bust: 50

length: 21 (regular) - 39 (duster)

sleeve: 25.5

shoulder to shoulder: 18





Bust: 42

Length: 34

Shoulder to shoulder: 16

Sleeve: 22.5



Bust: 44

Length: 36

Shoulder to shoulder: 17.5

Sleeve: 23



Bust: 46

Length: 38

Shoulder to shoulder: 19

Sleeve: 23.5


Extra Large

Bust: 48

Length: 40

Shoulder to shoulder: 20.5

Sleeve: 24

Choose Your Own Quilt Coat - Goose Foot

Out of Stock
  • As long as you remember that you are wearing a piece of history, you’ll be just fine!.  Antique garments have been here for decades and with a bit of care can last even more!

    1. The best and safest way to clean is the historical way: turning the garment inside out and hanging it in the warm sun for a day or two.  

    2. Spot clean with a bit of Palm Olive (or other gentle soap) and cold water.

    3. As needed (and no more than 1x per year), clean using Palm Olive and cold water:

    • Soak in cold water with a bit of soap.

    • Gently agitate.

    • Let sit for 20 minutes.

    • Rinse and repeat with only water until the water is clear

    4.  Store coat in the off-season laying flat.  Some people wrap them in an old pillowcase for added protection.

    5.  Patch and mend as necessary!  You are adding to the history of the piece.  Don’t be afraid to fix and repair as you see fit.

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