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Pattern Name: Hole in the Barn Door

Age: 1900s-1920

Quilting: utility stitching and fussy quilting throughout - hand pieced and hand quilted

Material: cinnamon red cotton calico and shirting fabrics - really unique pale blue/green squares!

Measurements: 74x67


Heritage: This is truly a wonderful piece.  This is a fantastic example of the difference between turkey red and cinnamon red!  This is a cinnamon-red calico quilt with lovely examples of shirting fabric throughout.  The little squares of the border are also so lovely:  the are almost a seafoam green color!  So unique.  The quilt is thick and has a wonderful hand sewn border.  


Condition: Overall the piece is in great condition for its age.  There are some small storage stains, but nothing too noticeable.  There is one hole on the back of the quilt that shows the stuffing.  There is one area of sun fade, but it is not very noticeable.  This is a strong and sturdy quilt and has MANY MANY more years remaining -  really a stunner of a piece. 

1900s-1920s Hole in the Barn Door