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Pattern Name: Empty Basket
Age: 1880s - 1890s
Quilting: black thread elbow pattern
Material: turkey red, indigo blue, and shirting fabrics with homespun backing
Measurements: 74”x74” 
Heritage: This quilt was found in northern Alabama.  This is such a wonderful example of early indigo dyed calico and turkey red. The most wonderful thing is that it is a rare example of the use of black quilting thread! The pattern was also historically ubiquitous!Everyone during the turn of the century seemed to be making a basket of some sort. This is a fabulous historical piece so illustrative of this particular time period in American history.

Condition: Overall the piece is in fair-good condition. The top and bottom ends are quite bed-worn and the backing and hand-carded cotton batting show through. The interior of the quilt is in excellent condition. Other than the edges, the quilt is strong and sure. This would be a fantastic display quilt.

Empty Basket (1880s)

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