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Pattern Name: Hens and Chicks
Age: 1930-1940
Quilting: white utility quilting
Material: multi-colored cotton shirting
Measurements: 76”x90”
Heritage: This quilt was made by a local Talladega seamstress. This fabulous lady was well-known for her quality of quilts and the production of them. Her grandson remembers that every time he would go to her house, she would encourage his family to take home another quilt. The artform gave her life! This is such a unique quilt because of the complexity of the quilt and its BRIGHT blue backing. This is a four-season quilt and lightweight. It is truly an exquisite piece and would make quite a statement displayed prominently in the home (albeit its a great bed-quilt, too).  It is a beautiful yet sturdy quilt: unique and a work of art. 
Condition: Overall the piece is in excellent condition.  It is so very soft and the colors vibrant and sure.  There are a few stray dark spots here and there and some signs of color bleed, most notably on the back. There are some signs of wear characteristic with the textile's age, but overall a truly lovely and exquisite piece.

Hens and Chicks (1930s)

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