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Pattern Name: Star of Bethlehem
Age: 1870s
Quilting: Self quilting
Material: chrome yellow and turkey red calico with homespun gingham backing
Measurements: 74”x78”
Heritage: This quilt was found in Pennsylvania.  It is an excellent example of early two-color quilting. The vibrant chrome yellow is rare to find, as this can be a fugitive color. The blocking on the quilt is exquisite and the pattern is quite complex. Its a fine, larger, stunning piece of artwork that would be a wonderful addition to any collection.
Condition: Overall the piece is in fair to good condition. There is wear to the edges and some of the cotton backing shows through, mostnotably at the edges. There is general wear throughout, but overall and especially the interior of the quilt is in wonderful condition. The quilt is very soft to the touch and truly beautiful. The colors and pattern are so vibrant- it would be especially beautiful as a wall hanging.

Star of Bethlehem (1870s)

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