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Pattern Name: Drunkard’s Path
Age: 1920s
Quilting: Self Quilting (6 stitches per inch)
Material: orange and floral cotton lawn with feed sack backing
Measurements: 64”x74”

Heritage: This quilt was found in northern Alabama.  This is one of the most wonderful examples of drunkard’s path that I have come across. The quilt is an unreal combination of orange cotton and floral feed sack. It is self quilted with a beautiful coordinating thread. The backing is a beige cotton and with the quilting, it is almost as lovely as the front. The quilt is a slightly thicker three season quilt.  It is a wonderful piece with such a unique look. It would make quite a statement displayed prominently in the home (albeit its a great bed-quilt, too).  It is a beautiful yet sturdy quilt: unique and a work of art. 

Condition: Overall the piece is in excellent condition. There virtually no issues save a singular orange mark on the back of the piece which may have been early dye stuffs. Any other minor issue with the quilt is characteristic with the textile's age: a truly lovely piece.

Drunkard’s Path

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