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Pattern Name: Flower Basket

Age: 1880s-1900

Quilting: self quilting throughout - hand pieced and hand-quilted

Material: plant-dyed madder calico with cheddar and plant dyed madder backing 

Measurements: 66x76


Heritage: This quilt was found in Mississippi and is probably a quintessential Southern quilt. Southerners LOVED to use cheddar (see this blog post for more info) and it is one of my favorites of all time.  The combination of the red and chrome orange is really unique.  Also, the red from the back to the front is slightly different suggesting multiple dips in a vat of madder dye to achieve the variations in color.  The quilting is quite fine and a highlight to view - especially the back!  I think that this quilt is a show stopper.  


Condition: Overall the piece is in excellent condition for its age.  The quilt itself is quite sturdy and there are few issues other than normal wear on a quilt that is nearly 140 years old.  There are a few storage stains, but nothing major.  The dyes are really the centerpiece here and it looks like they are evenly distributed throughout.  This would not be a quilt to wash, but to leave outside in the sun (under a clean white sheet) for a few warm, sunny days.  This is the traditional cleaning method for these types of quilts and would be appropriate here.  

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