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Pattern Name: Flying Goose
Age: 1890s
Quilting: Fussy Quilted 
Material: cinnamon res calico and white cotton 
Measurements: 86”x92”

Heritage: This quilt was found in Ohio.  This is just a classic red and white quilt style. It a larger quilt and there is something so striking about the bold, deep red on the white background. The quilt is hand stitched in classic quilt block style. The pattern is bold and the trim, too. The backing is white cotton and the quilting is what I’ve termed “fussy quilting”, which means simply very fancy doubled or triple bar quilting.  The quilt is a lightweight three season quilt.  It is truly an exquisite piece and would make quite a statement displayed prominently in the home (albeit its a great bed-quilt, too).  It is a beautiful yet sturdy quilt: unique and a work of art. 

Condition: Overall the piece is in excellent condition.  It is so very soft and the colors vibrant and sure.  There are a few stray yellow marks here and there but nothing overly noticeable.  There are some signs of wear characteristic with the textile's age, but overall a truly lovely and exquisite piece.

Flying Goose (1890s)

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