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Pattern Name: Four Corners Appliqué 
Age: 1890 - 1910
Quilting: Utility Quilted - Methodist Fan Style
Material: red, and blue calico cottons
Measurements: 64”x74” 
Heritage: This quilt was found in Alabama.  It is one of the most striking quilts I’ve ever seen. Vibrant red and deep blue reverse appliqué throughout the quilt. There is some fade to one side on the back, but this does not take away from the beauty of the quilt. The quilt features lovely appliqué and delicate handwork. The quilt is thick and would be great on display or on your bed. This is one of the finest examples of artwork and patterning that I have ever seen. It is truly a unique and historical piece. 
Condition: Overall the piece is in excellent condition.  It is so very soft and the colors vibrant and sure.  There are a few stray dark spots here and there but nothing overly noticeable.  There are some signs of wear characteristic with the textile's age, but overall a truly lovely and exquisite piece.

Four Corners Appliqué

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