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Pattern Name: Happy Memories

Age: 1860s-1880s

Quilting: utility quilting - hand pieced and hand quilted

Material: multi-colored printed cotton calico with home dyed fugitive green calico background

Measurements: 90"x86"


Heritage: This quilt was found in Kentucky. This is an absolutely fantastic example of early home dyeing. The brown background of the quilt was homedyed and formerly green, but with use and wear has faded to a darker brown. The pattern itself - a variation on Happy Memories is made up of myriad printed cotton calicos. The black quilting thread - another great indicator of the age of the quilt - is in remarkable shape and is used in a diamond pattern throughout.


This is a lovely example of someone that was ingenious, creative, but also not entirely free to spend their time as they pleased. The unique pattern alternating with solid blocks and the utility quilting are time-saving techniques used to produce something quickly, albeit beautiful. There is a lovely pillow sash across the top of the quilt suggesting that this was meant for a bed in a place of prominence in the home.


Condition: Overall the piece is in great condition considering its age. There are some obvious signs of fading due to the caustic natural dyes that would have been used to dye the fabric in the home. Most especially down the middle. There are few small holes but nothing really major. The fabrics are strong and there is a lot of life left to the quilt. This would be a wonderful quilt to display or place at the foot of a bed. This is a quilt that would NOT benefit from a water washing - simply leaving it in the sun upside down once a year would provide adequate cleansing. This is a truly wonderful collector’s piece and will only increase in value over time and with proper care.

Happy Memories Variation

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