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Pattern Name: Hole in the Barn Door

Age: 1890s - 1910s

Quilting: utility quilting throughout - hand pieced and hand-quilted

Material: plant dyed calicos, early mourning fabrics, homespun and shirting scraps 

Measurements: 70x68


Heritage: This quilt was found in Alabama.  It is a lovely example of a true workhorse quilt.  It is not fancy and it was meant to be used.  There are SEVERAL blue indigo calicos that are quite lovely and the maker's scrap basket must have been monumental!  The utility quilting (also called Baptist fan) was well done and likely done with a quilting circle.  This quilt likely would have been from a working-class family.


Condition: Overall the piece is in fair condition for its age.  There are obvious signs of fabric wear throughout.  There is fraying to the edges and a few small holes.  Despite this, the quilt is still strong.  I am always amazed and how much and how long these textiles can last.  This would not be a quilt to wash, but to leave outside in the sun (under a clean white sheet) for a few warm, sunny days.  This is the traditional cleaning method for these types of quilts and would be appropriate here.  

Hole in the Barn Door

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