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Pattern Name: Honeycomb

Age: 1880s - 1910s

Quilting: utility quilting - hand pieced and hand quilted

Material: a treasure trove of cotton calicos, shirtings, and homespun fabrics with overdyed green binding on natural calico backing

Measurements: 66"x64"


Heritage: This quilt was found in Wyoming.  This quilt is a textile lover's dream.  You could truly get lost in the plethora of textiles that make up this honeycomb quilt.  From the vibrant navy blue calicos to the double pinks to the early brown from the 1860s, this quilt is a history of saving and reusing textiles.  The pattern begins on the interior - similarly to a later Grandma's Flower Garden and radiates outward.  The binding is overdyed green binding and you can see the tiny chrome yellow dots that note it was overdyed.


Condition: Overall the piece is in excellent condition.  There are a few signs of wear to some of the pieces, but in general it is quite lovely.  There is some wear to the binding, as well.  Overall, this is an excellent piece of textile history and would be a lovely collector's piece.


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