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Pattern Name: Irish Chain

Age: 1860s-1880s

Quilting: self-quilting - hand pieced and hand quilted

Material: overdyed green printed cotton calico with natural calico and natural calico backing

Measurements: 76"x68"


Heritage: This quilt was found in Alabama. GREEN GREEN GREEN! This is truly a showstopper. You simply do not find this quality and quantity of vibrant greens in tact and in such great shape. This single Irish Chain beauty features a lovely contrast between the printed calico and the natural undyed calico. The interior blocks are themselves pieced together and there is a nice border around the quilt. This is a really amazing entry-level collector's piece. You can tell from the condition and the consistency of the green dye (which is notoriously fugitive and has a tendency to fade quite a bit) that this piece was cared for well. With the right care, this quilt will only increase in value over time.


Condition: Despite the rarity and age of the quilt, I have priced it due to some condition issues. There are storage stains on the back of the quilt and a few small holes and some wear to the binding. There are places where the natural calico has darkened. Despite these issues, the quilt is in remarkable shape. The fabrics are sturdy and still quite strong. This would be a truly striking piece to display. Take care to keep it out of the sun as overdyed green quilts are known to fade quickly. This is a quilt that would NOT benefit from a water washing - simply leaving it in the sun upside down once a year would provide adequate cleansing

Irish Chain

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