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Pattern Name: The Golden RoadAge: 1920-1930Quilting: Utility QuiltedMaterial: yellow and blue cottonsMeasurements: 84”x74” Heritage: This quilt was found in Alabama.  It is an absolutely amazing and vibrant two-color quilt. A clever version of The Long Road to California, this “golden road” quilt features careful golden hand stitching on a beautiful blue background. The back is a lovely blue cotton. The quilt is utility quilted and really a beautiful example of such.  It is another exquisite example of a high quality, sturdy cotton workhorse quilt.  This is such a striking quilt and an unbelievably fantastic combination of colors. Condition: Overall the piece is in excellent condition.  It is so very soft and the colors vibrant and sure.  There are a few stray dark spots here and there but nothing overly noticeable.  There are some signs of wear characteristic with the textile's age, but overall a truly lovely and exquisite piece.

Golden Road to Cali (1920s)

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