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Pattern Name: Morning Glory

Age: 1870s-1880s

Quilting: self quilting and fussy quilting in relief - hand-stitched

Material: plant dyed chrome yellow, madder brown, and green, on plain cotton calico

Measurements: 90x70


Heritage: This quilt was found in Georgia.  This quilt is full of mystery and also beautiful dye history!  In some of the central medallions there are names listed. In the surrounding areas there are lists of names, sometimes they are family names, sometimes a list of random names.  It is possible that this could have been a wedding quilt and the names listed as wedding guests, but that story has been lost to time. 


The dyes are remarkable.  There are plant-dyed greens (an indigo blend) and browns (a madder root brown) and also chrome yellow.  The chrome yellow would have been slightly darker originally, but faded over time.  The green itself is still vibrant, as is the brown.  A testimony to the quality of early plant dyes and mordants.


Condition: Overall the piece is in fair condition for its age.  The quilt itself is quite sturdy, there are a few small tears here and there, but nothing major.  There is evidence of fugitive dyes - as the madder brown has run and is the most obvious evidence of wear.  The names are still legible, however, and this would be an excellent quilt to continue to study.  Great care was taken to store and care for the quilt.  With proper care, it will last many more years.  

Morning Glory Friendship Quilt

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