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Pattern Name: Long Road to California Variant

Age: 1900-1915

Quilting: Self Quilting and Fussy Quilting - machine pieced and hand quilted

Material: turkey red and white cotton calico

Measurements: 84”x82”


Heritage: This quilt was found in Tennessee. It is a fanastic example of turn-of-the-century quilting techniques.  The quilting scene had yet to move to the popularization of muted pastels and florals of the 1920s.  Strong pieced geometry in bold colors was still the norm.  Overall this is a solid quilt and emblematic of a fantastic part of quilting history (really its everyone's favorite).


Condition:  This quilt is bright and bold, but does have a few issues.  The binding is fraying a bit and one edge of the quilt was rebound in a later more modern binding.  The quilt itself is strong, quite large, and in good shape.  There are some darker storage stains that did not lift entirely in the cleaning process, but they are small and hard to notice.  

Long Road to California

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