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Pattern Name: Four Block Princess Feather 

Age: 1860s - 1880s

Quilting: Self Quilted

Material: turkey red, chrome yellow, and pink on white cotton background

Measurements: 80"x80"

Heritage: This quilt was found in Missouri.  It is an exquisite example of early applique quilting.  This is a four block Princess feather style with central floral medallion.  The quilt features turkey red calico with chrome yellow, and white appliqued tulips.  there is lovely fussy or self quilting throughout the piece.  It is truly a work of art! 

Condition: Overall the piece is in good condition considering its age.  It is  very soft and the red is quite vibrant.  As is typical the chrome yellow and pink have faded some.  There are a few stray dark spots here and there but nothing overly noticeable.  The edge of the quilt is somewhat frayed, but there are no holes or tears. There are some signs of wear characteristic with the textile's age, but overall a truly lovely and exquisite piece.

Princess Feather

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