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Quilt Date: 1870s

Origin Story: This quilt was found in Kansas. This quilt is truly stunning and the quilting is absolutely remarkable and the true highlight of this coat. The beautiful green and pink stars with the cheddar center of the star are lovely, but the different kinds of quilting is truly unique. There are beautiful flourishes and feathered stars throughout. The stitches are incredibly dense and tiny - this is a remarkable example of early workmanship.


Jacket details: The quilt coat that started a movement! The OG shawl collar quilt coat has been a best seller since 2018 and is the bedrock of Potter’s Daughter. Featuring a generous cut with shawl collar and front patch pockets, the coat is designed to fit a range of bodies and styles.


Note: some of the pink fabric has worn away, but the quilt itself is still strong and sturdy. As with all antique garments, there are likely to be some spots of wear. The quilts we work with are generally 100 years old or more, so you may find bits of character throughout the piece. It is not uncommon to see storage stains, small mends, rips, or tears throughout the garment. These are parts of the story of the garment and what we truly love about working with old textiles. The marks of the past are still here in our present.


Garment Measurements


Bust: 58

Length: 25.5 (short) - 36.5 (duster)

Sleeve: 17


Care Instructions: Remember that you are wearing a piece of history. Antique garments have been here for decades and with a bit of care can last even more!

1. Spot clean with a bit of soap (we suggest any gentle or plant based one) and cold water.

2. Another method is to lightly wet your garment, turn it inside out and let it hang or lay in the sun for several hours. This time outdoors in the wind and sun was how quilts used to be cleaned and still works today. The sun is a natural disinfectant.

3. Deep clean as needed doing the following (note: we recommend coats only be cleaned 1x per year, if that): Soak in cold water with a bit of soap. Gently agitate. Let sit for a short time. Rinse and repeat with only water until the water is clear.

4. Patch and mend as necessary! You are adding to the history of the piece. Don’t be afraid to fix and repair as you see fit. Store items folded. In the off season, place your coat in a clean pillow case for safe storage.

Shawl Collar - 1870s Star Quilt

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