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Say hey to the Shearling Collar. This is by far my favorite accessory to date. Wear it as a collar on any coat and dress it up or down! It looks stunning thrown over a dress and I wore it over a sweatshirt while working the other day to keep my warm in my drafty studio.


Made from sustainably sourced, veg-tanned hides. These are not chemically tanned and each hide is unique. Naturally vegetable or bark-tanned hides maintain the natural lanolin of the wool. They help maintain body temperature, are calming, and are especially great for those that just need a little extra tactile comfort. Once you get your hands on this type of hide, you won't go back to anything else.



Regular: Collar measures roughly 13 inches in length and 15 inches across.


NOTE: Storm Gray and Coffee hides are mottled and colors vary across the hide as shown in the picture.

Shearling Collar - Regular

Out of Stock
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