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Say hey to the Shearling Vest. This is by far my favorite accessory to date! Wear it over any coat and dress it up or down! It looks stunning thrown over a dress and I wore it over a sweatshirt while working the other day to keep my warm in my drafty studio. Looks great layered or on its own.


Made from sustainably sourced, veg-tanned hides. These are not chemically tanned and each hide is unique. Naturally vegetable or bark-tanned hides maintain the natural lanolin of the wool. They help maintain body temperature, are calming, and are especially great for those that just need a little extra tactile comfort. Once you get your hands on this type of hide, you won't go back to anything else.

Of special note: the only difference between the natural cream vest, and the other two is the length of the wool on the hides! They are cut from the same pattern pieces for each size. Aren’t sheepskins amazing?! 





Bust: 39 inches

Length: 16 inches



Bust: 42

Lenght: 17


NOTE: These are raw-hide vests. They will begin slightly stiff, but over time they soften and mold to the shape of your body. It turns into a beautifully unique and personal item. You will be obsessed.

Shearling Vest

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