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Pattern Name: Sunfower Sash

Age: 1890s-1910

Quilting: Self Quilting and Utility Quilting - hand pieced and hand quilted

Material: indigo dyed green, chrome yellow, mourning black, off-white cotton with homespun stripe backing 

Measurements: 64" x 70"


Heritage: This quilt was found in southern Alabama. This is truly an unusual and beautiful quilt.  I have never seen such a bold combination of colors on this early quilt.  The black with plant dyed green and chrome yellow are an exquisite combination!  The homespun striped backing is also absolutely a genius design move - along with the sash piecing and rounded corners.    


Condition: Overall the piece is in fair condition. Due to the fugitive dyes, this quilt is not a candidate to be washed.  It should be cleaned by shaking the dust from it and hanging it in the sun (homespun side up) for a few days.  To further protect the colors you could cover it with a clean sheet.  Due to the caustic nature of the dyes several of the sunbursts are worn.  There are storage stains.  There are also a few small holes.  Despite these condition issues the piece is quite strong and VERY soft.  It would be a wonderful addition to any collection.  

Sunflower Sash

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