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Pattern Name: Triple Irish Chain

Age: 1890s with modern repairs

Quilting: Fussy Quilting and Self Quilting - hand pieced and hand quilted

Material: yellow, pale grey-blue, and cream cotton 

Measurements: 94" x 76"


Heritage: This quilt was found in Kansas. This quilt is quite stunning and beautiful.  It is a well-quilted triple Irish chain with the most unbelieveable fussy quilting in the negative space on the quilt.  The colors are vibrant and colorfast. 


The unique thing about this quilt is that there are several areas of delicate and careful repair.  The binding has been replaced with a newer binding.  There are also several well done patches to the back of the piece.  Fraying fabric at the front has been backed with fusible mesh interfacing.  Someone has taken great pains to restore and care for this quilt!  The repairs are a work of art in themselves. 


Condition: Overall the piece is in beautiful condition. It is strong, soft, and because of the different repairs is really functional and sturdy.  There are still some faint storage stains, but overall the piece is in excellent condition. It would be a wonderful addition to any collection.  

Triple Irish Chain

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