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Pattern Name: Triple Irish Chain

Age: 1880s-1890s

Quilting: self quilting and fussy quiltling in the relief  - hand pieced and hand quilted

Material: red, white, and navy blue printed cotton calico with natural cotton calico backing

Measurements: 84"x76"


Heritage: This quilt was found in Illinois - not far from where I grew up, so it holds a special place in my heart. This is truly an unusual and beautiful quilt.  It is in pristine condition with no examples of fade or damage.  The overall look is quite striking, the blue is stunning with the stars in tact.  The red calico shows the most signs of wear, but even that is not noticeable.  The Triple Irish chain pattern is lovely and the pattern extends to the border of the quilt, which is quite different than what you normally find with this pattern.


The real champion is the quilting.  The entire quilt is hand pieced and hand quilted.  The quilt is both utility quilted and then in the relief (unpieced) portions you find a stunning filling pattern of a sunburst with grid.  The boldness of the quilt suggests great love and care for the quilt, too.  Someone took great pride in this quilt and cared for it well.


Condition: Overall the piece is in near perfect condition.  While there are some signs of wear as mentioned above, the quilt has been rebound at some point.  The more recent binding does not detract from the quilt at all and only further adds to its longevity.  The fabrics are strong and sturdy.  This is a quilt that would not benefit from a water washing - simply leaving it in the sun upside down once a year would provide adequate cleansing.

Triple Irish Chain

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