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Pattern Name: Triple Irish Chain

Age: 1880s-1910s

Quilting: utility quilting and fussy quilting in the relief - machine pieced and hand quilted

Material: Prussian blue wax resist calico and white and brown printed shirting fabrics

Measurements: 88"x65"


Heritage: This quilt was found in Illinois, near my husband's home town.  It was a small antique shop that is a favorite stomping ground of ours and has yielding an amazing selection of quilts.  This one is no exception.  Exquisitely quilting at 10 stitches per inch, this Irish Chain has all the hallmarks of an expert quilter's hand.  The piece is machine pieced and hand quilted, with an exceptional diagonal geometric pattern stitched in to the relief.  This is called a filling pattern.  There is a blue and white strip border, which is made of the same calico as the quilt itself.  Thin cotton batting make this just the most perfect quilt.   


Condition: Overall the piece is pristine and near perfect condition considering its age.  There are a few spots of wear and a small storage stain here or there, but overall the piece is amazing and shows sign of great care.  Someone was truly proud of this piece and cared for it accordingly.  The fabrics are strong and there is a lot of life left to the quilt.  This would be a wonderful quilt to display or place at the foot of a bed.   This is a quilt that would NOT benefit from a washing - simply leaving it in the sun upside down once a year would provide adequate cleansing.

Triple Irish Chain

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