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Pattern Name: Wagon Wheel

Age: 1890s-1910

Quilting: hand-quilted with a utility stitch; machine pieced

Material: printed VIBRANT indigo-dyed calico, white shirting calicos and a homespun gingham backing

Measurements: 82x66


Heritage: This quilt was found in Ohio. This is by far one of the most wonderfully unique geometric quilts I have ever found. The overlapping wagon wheels provide such wonderful space for the eye to move across the piece. The fabrics are a true treasure trove. There are printed polka dots, calico shirting fabrics, indigo wax resist pieces - overall the fabrics are exquisite! The gingham homespun backing is a true champion in and of itself.


Condition: Overall the piece is in great condition for its age. There are a few seam separations and a few spots of fabric wear to some of the flour sack piecing. This is normal given the age of the piece. The piece is squishy and sturdy. It's really quite a solid workhorse of a quilt. The backing has a few small holes and an area of light fading where the piece was stored in the sun in reverse (a very smart move to protect the top from fading). Great care was taken to store and care for the quilt. With proper care, it will last many more years.

Wagon Wheel

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